HunterFarm NFT Marketplace offers you the opportunity to create (or as we call it mint), sell, buy, auction, collect, trade, exhibit, and more. Get hold of the HEM token as soon as possible, because in the near future the price of the HEM token will go higher than in the pre-sale.


The user is solely responsible for the security (resilience to the selection) of his chosen password, and also independently ensures the confidentiality of his password.

Comply with the terms of the user agreement.

Do not register more than one account.

Provide truthful information about your personal data.

Do not use attempts to deceive HEM V1.02 and other users.

Do not attempt to crack HEM V1.02 and other user accounts.

Do not try to disrupt HEM V1.02

Report to the technical support service about any malfunctions or errors found.

Do not publish offensive messages to HEM V1.02 and other users.


Comply with the terms of the user agreement.

Do not disclose confidential information to users.

Timely provide services and technical support to users.